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Technology is changing...

...and the way we deliver education is changing with it. Students today learn in a multitude of ways that were unavailable just a few years ago. Digital textbooks, computers, tablets, and internet access become more critical to North Carolina's students excelling in the classroom each passing year.

Coding curriculum is an important piece of this equation. Coding languages like PHP, Java, Swift, iOS, and Ruby have become part of this generation of students' vocabulary and skill sets. Providing the opportunity for our students to learn and hone their coding skills will prepare them to enter a field with a high median income.

Access to coding curriculum and digital textbooks also must be partnered with access to devices and internet. North Carolina will be the first state in the country with every school connected to internet, and devices to access the internet is the crucial final piece to this. Many schools have computer labs, bring your own device programs, and a supply of laptops. For many students a device they can take home is also critical to being able to practice, read, or write papers. I sponsored House Bill 254, the companion bill to Senate Bill 312 which became law this year, would allow for nonprofits to access surplus computers from the State of North Carolina, and refurbish those devices before providing them to low-income students.


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