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Our economy is changing...

...and with that change technological innovation is critical to North Carolina not simply keeping up, but leading.

Developments like small cell towers which will increase broadband speeds by up to a hundred times the current speeds. This also means attracting investments to our state. Capital flows to places where it is treated the best, where there are less regulations and burdensome costs to invest. House Bill 310, which was signed into law this summer, means telecom companies will see North Carolina as an opportunity to invest in exciting new technologies.

Investing in broadband is not a one size fits all approach, and there is no silver bullet. A number of different strategies are required to bring better broadband to North Carolinians. Rural access to broadband remains an area of opportunity, which is why I sponsored the BRIGHT Futures Act.

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Innovation isn't simply about internet connectivity, but about what powers our homes and businesses. Investments in clean energy that provide multiple options for energy independence will continue to drive our economy forward.

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